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Although I've been singing one way or another throughout my life so far, these days I love most and best to chant the Sanskrit Divine Names and feel lucky and blessed to be able to center my days around this subtle, profound practice. I lead kirtan in New York City—my childhood hometown—and beyond; have been singing in Krishna Das’ Posse, live and on his recordings, for many years; and am featured in response vocals on a number of other chant recordings. Alongside my own kirtan schedule, I teach harmonium to accompany chant practice and community kirtan to students in the New York metropolitan area. My CD of original music, Road Songs, produced in 2003 by Bonnie Hayes, is available online, and I am hoping to release a new chant CD, Love's Door, in Spring 2017. I'm also a long-time bodyworker/massage therapist, having practiced for many years in California, and am now licensed to practice in New York.