Crowdfunding Love's Door

I'm Crowdfunding in support of my new Kirtan Album, Love's Door


Time to open Love's Door!

Love's Door, an album of devotional chants, has been my ongoing labor of love.  I began work on the project in 2007, recording several tracks in John McDowell's studio in upstate New York, including a duet with my friend Krishna Das. Nearly 10 years later I'm committed to bringing this recording to life, with eleven original kirtan tracks and guest musician support including: a second duet with Krishna Das, instrumental contributions by Steve Gorn, Arjun Bruggeman, John McDowell, Terrence Pompey, Jesse Kotansky, and Nina Rao, guest vocals by Devadas Labrecque, Nina Rao and Janaki Kagel and a response choir full of many, many wonderful kirtan friends...but I can't make that final walk through the Door without your support!

Your Help & My Gratitude

The practice of chant and kirtan brings gifts that are way beyond anything that can be raised on Indiegogo, but still, creating a kirtan album that I feel good about offering to you costs lots of money...more than I have in the bank!  I want very much to bring Love's Door into the world and I simply can't do that without your help to cover the expenses of recording, mixing, mastering, musicians, and of course packaging/presentation and production of the physical CD and the download; your generous support will go to fund all of these. In return, of course, there will be the completed double album! And also, we've put together some pretty cool gifts and incentives, which you can browse on the campaign page.

Open The Door to Others...

Help get the word out and let your friends, family, and community know about the campaign by clicking on the Twitter, Facebook, and the other sharing tools at the top of the Love's Door Campaign page (next to the "Back It!" button).  You can also contact me at to set up a fundraising kirtan at your local yoga studio or other venue. Thank you so much for your interest and let's get this album made!  Support Love's Door Today!